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Gallery 1889

Gallery 1889 is an independent, community art gallery and exhibition space that supports new and emerging artists, provides a space for creativity to flourish, and promotes cultural diversity in our brilliant city. In partnership with Bridge2, Gallery 1889 also acts as an avenue to raise money to support refugees, asylum seekers, and the local community.

As with all of the work that takes place here, we want to stress that everyone is welcome. We want to act and communicate in a way that is open, generous, and nurturing, and we want this to be a space where everyone who enters feels appreciated, comfortable, and at home.

Gallery 1889 represents art and artists who do not fit into a particular box or trend, but who are passionate about creating, and who explore various media, techniques, and ideas. We believe that art is a powerful gift that transcends language and cultural barriers, and our goal is to make it accessible to people of all walks of life.

The space was completely renovated in March of 2021, mostly by Bridge2 staff and volunteers. We are incredibly excited and proud of the space we have created to celebrate art, and we invite you to visit and celebrate with us.

Visit the gallery website for more information and upcoming exhibits.